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Speak Truth To Power is a human rights education programme that is firmly located in the lives and reality of students – and above all speaks to the human skills that underpin human rights, which empower us to overcome our divisions; reject hatred for compassion; move from despair to hope; and take the actions that can make human rights reality for all in society.

Working with educationalists, child psychologists, artists, human rights experts and activists, we have created a flexible  programme  that can be deeply embedded in the work of schools. It has been carefully designed to offer a profound and personal experience to pupils with a lasting impact. 


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reas

SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER consists of four strands

1. Mindsets for Change Learning Outcomes

This framework sets out the human qualities & skills young people need to believe in human rights; act on human rights and develop resilience, confidence and agency in a fast-moving world. 


2. Classroom Resources


Each resource has activities and materials that can be taught across different subjects and in different formats, with space for teachers and schools to tailor it to their specific context. Our resources root human rights firmly in the lives of students, covering local struggles for human rights, human rights leaders, and how people together make change.


3. Human Rights Inspirations:

We connect schools directly with our growing network of human rights activists to facilitate speaking events and we have created an exclusive online resource featuring interviews with a broad range of human rights champions to community activists working on restorative justice and social change.

4. Teacher Training

Our ambition is to build a generation of teachers who are transformational human rights leaders in classrooms, schools and communities.


Our teacher training:

  • gives teachers the confidence to talk about human rights;

  • helps teachers prepare a delivery plan and their teaching of Speak Truth To Power materials; and

  • develops teachers’ leadership skills in classroom, school and community settings, recognising their power and potential to influence those around them through their example.


We work to build meaningful long-term relationships with schools who want to deliver an annual human rights experience to their students, teachers and the community – and to build a culture in which the idea of making human rights a reality is a driving force. 

Speak Truth To Power

“The impact Speak Truth To Power has had on our school has been extraordinary. By adopting the idea of Bobby Kennedy’s ripples of hope, through focussing on compassion – empathy, kindness as core principles, our language when we are talking to pupils and staff has changed. We have seen a 50% reduction in fighting and assaults. It will help us steer a path through turbulent times.”


If your school is interested in becoming a Speak Truth To Power Learning Partner School, please contact

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reas

Join us to make
human rights

a reality for all.

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