We're greatly looking forward to welcoming you to The Ripples of Hope Business & Investment Summit.


As an attending delegate, please complete the information form to ensure that we can create an experience tailored to you.


The Summit’s afternoon sessions are two blocks of facilitated workshops. Please indicate which workshop options you'd be interested in taking part in. We encourage you to make a choice based on the topics you're most interested in learning about, and/or where you have most to contribute.


How do we respond to the dynamics changing the world? What is business’ role in driving systemic change to make human rights a reality? Together, delegates will engage in one of three important systemic topics to explore how business can plan a leadership role in creating a better future. We will be using tools and approaches from the Three Horizons systems change methodology to consider:


  • The role of business in making our environment clean and sustainable.

  • The role of business in creating a fair and inclusive economy.

  • The role of business in fostering a healthy and safe society.


Meeting our ambitious goals will require transformational leadership. In this block of electives, we will focus on the skills and capacities required to lead in the future. Please choose a workshop where you feel you have the most to learn, and we encourage you to choose an option that may be out of your comfort zone.


  • Alive at Work

This session explores the power of purpose and the significance of living by our values in our daily lives – serving ourselves and others. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person, the power source we can tap in to and the guiding principles that dictate behaviour. Values help us understand the difference between right and wrong, and play a significant role in decision-making. We experience satisfaction and meaning when we honour and live by our values. They also guide us when establishing human connection and/or resolving conflict. We will explore our core values, the link between values and purpose, and how we can use them to fuel our own leadership and improve our working relationships with others.

  • Breakthrough Conversations

This session is about skilfully transforming tension and conflict into productive momentum forward, towards realising our ambitions. Tension and conflict can slow us down or get in our way, and sometimes it is hard to give essential feedback, and even harder to see our own role in creating the tension. We will work with different models for increasing self-awareness and getting to the heart of the matter to initiate breakthrough conversations with colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders, and take personal responsibility for the change we seek. 


  • Peak Performance

The level of disruption coming at us is unprecedented, and it’s escalating. With time as a finite resource, we need new ways to increase our capacity in order to thrive, not merely survive. This session is aimed at developing these new skills tapping into the science of the field of peak performance. You will learn what makes up personal energy and how demand for the same is playing out in your own life. With this awareness you can develop effective strategies for personal change, enabling you to increasingly show up at your best.

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