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Having built strong foundations since we were founded in 2018, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is looking for its next Executive Director to shape and take us on the next part of our journey in inspiring and empowering people to make decisions and take actions to make human rights a reality for all.


At a moment in time when so much of our collective future is uncertain and core values seem in question, this is an exciting opportunity to create and deliver meaningful human rights focused education and cultural platforms that bring people together, working with our partners across the country and our affiliated Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organisations across the world.


The role will focus on these main goals:


  • Refine and deliver our strategic plan in partnership with the Board, following The Ripples of Hope Festival in 2021.

  • Build Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK’s profile in championing the power of human rights in our everyday lives; in our own decision-making, and as a way to bring people together in common purpose.

  • Expand and diversify Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK’s funding streams and build collaborative partnerships to expand our programmes throughout the UK.

  • Inspire, manage and build our small team to deliver and grow our programmes and so deliver the impact we aspire to create.

  • Establish and manage relationships across a broad range of networks across the cultural, social impact, business, media and political worlds.

  • Contribute to the international affiliate network of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights.


We at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK are really energised about the work we are building, the community of people and organisations that are coming together to create it, and how open people are to having new conversations about human rights.


The coronavirus crisis has only underlined the urgency and potential of our work. The crisis has laid bare the injustices and shortcomings of our society locally and globally. But it's also reminded many of us how much we share, how deeply interconnected we are and that individual actions matter to all of us. 


We are now looking for an exceptional person to lead the next phase of that work. We believe in the power of different perspectives, experiences, social and cultural backgrounds coming together to create change. And so, we strongly encourage people from all communities who understand the challenges of and can communicate effectively with diverse groups throughout today's society to apply to join our team.


The location of the Executive Director can be flexible, as long as the candidate can travel frequently to London and to Greater Manchester. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all our team members are working from home until further notice. The role is available from 1 October 2021, but it would be a distinct advantage to all if a handover period across August and September were possible.




The following will be assets for this role:

  • 5+ years’ experience of excelling at managing an organisation, division, campaign or team and demonstrably delivering its mission and goals.

  • A range of expertise and interests likely including successful fundraising, media presence and advocacy/campaigning in the arenas of education, culture and/or business.

  • Outstanding persuasive communication skills, with a demonstrated track record of bring people with you from a wide network to achieve unlikely outcomes and in working with non-executive Boards.

  • Strategic thinker with a proven ability to design and execute on a strategy successfully.

  • Comfortable with being challenged and with working collaboratively with a wide range of partners from inception through to delivery and evaluation.




Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK exists to inspire and empower people to make decisions and take actions every day that will help make human rights reality for all - to become Ripples of Hope in their communities and across the world.

In 1968, Robert F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, calling on us to envision and work for a world in which the dignity of every human being is honoured and respected; in which we value one another and realise our own power to shape the future.


We are at a critical moment in British and global history. We need to nurture a culture that is built on our shared humanity. The universal concept of human rights that Robert F. Kennedy championed is essential to that effort.


Human rights – the best articulation and codification humanity has ever found for the fundamental interests of people – set out what society should deliver for people and can be a guide for everyday decision-making, so they become a reality for all.


And yet, we know that for many in the UK, human rights feel remote – they are for others but not for me. Demonstrating the relevance and importance of human rights is the challenge in front of us.


And so, we deliver artistic, educational and cultural programmes that tell a relevant, local story of human rights and celebrate the countless organisations that do the incredible work of making human rights a reality to inspire and build long-term cultural change:


Speak Truth To Power

A transformative education programme that inspires students to understand that they have the power within them to make human rights a reality.


The Ripples of Hope Festival

A unique new festival, coming in September 2021, that celebrates the power of people to make human rights a reality and be ripples of hope.

The Ripples of Hope Business & Investment Summit

An annual leadership development summit for senior decision-makers to consider their role, and that of their organisation, in creating a more human world in a time of unrelenting disruption.


AFFILIATION: We are proud to be affiliated to, working with, and be building on the work of, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in the US, which is led by Kerry Kennedy and was founded after Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1968 by his family and friends as a means to dedicate themselves to a common goal: achieving Bobby’s dream of a more just and peaceful world.


THE ORGANISATION: Founded in June 2018, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is incorporated in the UK as a limited company (11397556) and registered with the Charity Commission (1181744). 





With a small core team, and close relationships with affiliate organisations overseas, we put a strong emphasis on team selection and values.  We look for people who: 

  • Have a clear sense and understanding of their passion and purpose and that these overlap with our mission.

  • Are curious about the world, how to find solutions, and – above all – people.

  • Have entrepreneurial, adaptable and focused mindsets to deliver on multiple projects in a high paced environment.


Our Executive Director leads and manages the team, works closely with the Chair and reports to the Board of Directors.  In that person we are additionally looking for someone who:

  • Matches superb strategic acumen with exceptional detail skills of making projects happen on time, in budget and with impact.

  • Communicates with impact with a broad variety of audiences.

  • Understands how to deliver across numerous fundraising and development streams and delivers.

  • Thrives with autonomy yet leads teams with an inclusive, collaborative approach around both shared value and values.



  • Salary: £65,000+ plus pension scheme and a generous leave policy

  • Requests for flexible working considered



Applications should include a cover letter (max 1 page) and a CV and be sent to our Chair, Paul Lindley at Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply is Sunday 16th May 2021.

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