The Ripples of Hope Festival, Greater Manchester


  • Freelance

  • September 2019 – February 2020 at 2.5 days per week, with potential to extend for a further 12-18 months.

Salary: £23-26,000 pro rata, dependent on experience.


Location: Greater Manchester

Application Process: 

  • Please submit a CV with two referees and a cover letter of no more than 500 words to by the 21st August.

  • Interviews will take place in early September in London or Manchester.



Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is looking for an experienced Community Engagement Manager to work closely with Executive Director Dennis Marcus, and The Ripples of Hope Festival Artistic Director Jude Kelly, and play a vital role in the success of the inaugural Ripples of Hope Festival.


This role will entail working closely with the people, organisations and communities of Greater Manchester to build awareness and a deep engagement with the Festival. The Community Engagement Manager will need to be a skilled communicator, ensuring a deep level of partner and participant engagement with a strong commitment to diversity and human rights. They will also need to work closely with our artistic team in the development and production of our artistic, creative and community programmes.


Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is a human rights charity that exists to create a society and culture that is supportive of human rights and works to make them reality in the lives of its people. It does this by working to inspire and empower people to make every day decisions that will help make human rights reality for all – to become Ripples of Hope in their communities and across the world.


We do this by creating spaces and opportunities for people of all walks of life to:

  • understand and engage with the concept of human rights to inspire their own beliefs for what our society should be;

  • articulate what they believe;

  • be able to see when human rights are abused or not yet reality; and

  • make decisions and take actions to defend, champion and advance human rights in every part of our daily lives and our society.

Founded in June 2018, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is proud to be affiliated to the charity set up by the friends and family of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 - Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in the US, which is led by human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy.


Building on the foundation of a well-established human rights education programme that will be implemented in schools across the UK in the coming years, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK is also launching a new societal and cultural platform that also fulfils these objectives: The Ripples of Hope Festival.


The Festival is expected to take place from Thursday 11th to Sunday 14th February 2021 across Greater Manchester. Jude Kelly is the Artistic Director of The Ripples of Hope Festival and Jude Kelly Studios is now working with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK to establish The Ripples of Hope Festival team.

The Ripples of Hope Festival will be for everyone and likewise we welcome applications from everyone, from a broad range of backgrounds.

About The Ripples of Hope Festival

The festival will take place at venues around Greater Manchester, with a main festival hub at HOME:

  • The programme will be engaging and is to be developed and co-curated through an extensive series of Gatherings lasting more than a year with a core commitment to diversity at the heart of The Ripples of Hope Festival.

  • The Festival’s role is to celebrate, share and support the brilliant work taking place in communities across Greater Manchester.

  • The programme will include

    • World-leading speakers and artists talking about human rights, including leading philanthropists and international activists;

    • A series of commissions from artists of a variety of disciplines;

    • Skills-development workshops with community organising specialists; and

    • The Ripples of Hope Awards, which will recognise community organisations that work to make human rights a reality.

  • Young people will be at the heart of The Ripples of Hope Festival. The Young Creative Leaders programme will work with a cohort of extraordinary young people from the 10 boroughs of Manchester who will have a chance to develop their skills as leaders, curators and conveners, through a process of training and mentorship.

  • Our vision is to be the world’s most inspiring festival for human rights and to encourage everyone to take part.

The Ripples of Hope Gatherings

An integral part to the development of The Ripples of Hope Festival will be engaging with diverse groups of people and making sure that this festival is co-created. The first step will be a series of Gatherings - brainstorming sessions - taking place in the run up to the festival. Ripples of Hope Festival is only going to be possible if everyone truly does come together and the Gatherings process is a key component of making this happen. In a nutshell this is a process of listening, finding out what the issues are that matter to people across all the boroughs of Manchester, and what the things are that they are really excited about discussing. It is only through this process that the festival can reflect the lives, hopes and explore the barriers facing people in making human rights a reality. The Ripples of Hope Gatherings are also a time for people to reflect about the importance of human rights in their lives and around the world.

A commitment to diversity is at the heart of The Ripples of Hope Festival. The programme is developed and curated by the people in Manchester: it is through the process of Gatherings with diverse groups of all ages, backgrounds, classes, abilities and areas that The Ripples of Hope Festival can discover the challenges to be addressed. This process will also be key to finding the artists and organisations already at work doing incredible things - those who must be part of the festival programme.


The aim is to convene 12 Gatherings before the launch event on the 30th January 2020 at different venues, and with a wide range of organisations and individuals invited.


Young Creative Leaders

A core component of the festival is a youth leadership programme supporting young people to be the curators of the future.

Young people are at the heart of The Ripples for Hope Festival. The Young Creative Leaders programme works with a cohort of extraordinary young people from all the boroughs of Manchester who have a chance to develop their skills as leaders, curators and conveners, through a process of training and mentorship.



You will

  • reach out widely to the communities across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester to let people know about The Ripples of Hope Festival;

  • convene the Ripples of Hope Gatherings, in diverse and appropriate venues, inviting a wide cross section of organisations and individuals, capture the ideas and signing people up for a contacts and communications database;

  • develop the Young Creative Leaders programme with partners to bring the voice of young people into human rights debates and finding the right participants to benefit from the programme;

  • begin to develop a database (in line with GDPR) who will receive a regular Ripples of Hope Festival newsletter after the festival launch;

  • conduct research that informs our Community Engagement and broader human rights sector engagement across the UK;

  • feeding into the curation of the Festival, especially with regard to community engagement and accessibility;

  • assist in developing the festival launch, and in particular, the guest-list;

  • attend regular meetings with key partners in Manchester; and

  • attend regular Ripples of Hope Festival team meetings.


You will

  • be a self-starter with a passion for human rights;

  • have an extensive network in and around Manchester within the human rights, charity and arts sectors;

  • be comfortable juggling several tasks at the same time;

  • be someone who thrives on engaging with others and developing partnerships, and be pro-active about following up on opportunities;

  • have exceptional relationship management and communication skills;

  • have a flexible, team-oriented approach and be comfortable liaising with numerous people and high-level stakeholders, both internally and externally;

  • have experience working with young people and developing programmes for young people;

  • be able to demonstrate sound judgment; and

  • have a can-do attitude.

The role

  • This is a fixed contract for a part time role, 2.5 days per week initially for 6 months.

  • With the possible option to extend for an additional 12-18 months community engagement role for the festival, depending on the festival development.



  • Community engagement and participation in the arts, human rights and charity sectors.

  • Working with young people.

  • Knowledge of Greater Manchester.

  • Networks in the human rights and community organising sphere.

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